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Introductory Phone Call

The first step in obtaining advice is to book a complimentary introductory phone call. On this call we can learn about you and the advice you are seeking and determine whether we might be a good fit for you. If we are, the next step is to hold a Discovery Meeting with Andrew.

Discovery Meeting


Our Discovery Meeting lasts around 60-90 minutes and is a chance for you to get to know us and tell us about your goals, objectives and decisions you are facing.


Ahead of this meeting, we give you an opportunity to provide your current financial situation so we can spend the time effectively getting to know you.


We can also explain financial concepts using general advice, although this is typically a small part of the time. 


At the conclusion of the meeting, we will let you know whether personal advice would be beneficial for you and what the cost and scope of that advice would include.


The cost of the discovery meeting is $500.

Personal Advice

If you proceed with preparing a financial plan, the process we follow is highlighted below.


Research and Strategy Formulation

After your Discovery Meeting we do a deep dive into your current situation.


To save you time and complexity, we typically obtain information directly from your superannuation, investment and personal insurance providers. In addition, we will often speak with your accountant and lawyer to ensure we have all the necessary inputs to give you the best advice.

We will usually also have a second meeting with you to discuss any decision points that have come up in the research process as well as ensure that the advice we provide is tailored to your needs and preferences. 

Financial Plan

We then bring together our recommendations and present them to you via a written financial plan. Our advice is usually a comprehensive strategic blueprint, covering your superannuation, investments, tax structures, insurance, estate planning, cash flow.  We also include financial modelling to ascertain whether you are on track to achieve your objectives. In addition, if you have an important transition to navigate or decision to make, our advice can provide the clarity to support your decision making.


Advice Implementation

Once we agree on the recommendations you would like to proceed with, we will then put the plan into action by drafting paperwork and project managing the implementation of the advice. 

Recurring Advice Programs

Once we have completed the initial plan, If it's appropriate and of value, you then have the option to join a recurring advice service.

We meet with our clients at least once per year but often have more frequent meetings, depending on your needs.

Working with us on a recurring basis has the advantage of ensuring your plan remains optimised with changes to your situation, legislation and the economic environment. You also have the added benefit of direct access to local support in the form of additional meetings, phone calls or emails.

We can also liaise with other members of your team, such as your accountant, in order to ensure we are aligned and save you time by sharing reporting such as tax statements.

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